Friday, October 11, 2002

Heather: I don't have any deep and profound thoughts, really, so this is going to be kind of Larry King-ish in style.

I just read about the mom who emailed Bush, requesting he send her surviving Marine son home from Okinawa. His twin brother was killed in Kuwait this week. I think not only should he be sent home, he should have a limo ride for the trip if not a chopper to place him safely on the front lawn.

I pass a billboard selling low-carb beer on my way home. Let's think: if you're drinking beer, are you REALLY that worried about carbohydrates?

Madeleine's newest word sounds a lot like "Socks." She says it when holding the offending garments, so I think it is.

Buenos días en España! We have a reader in Spain! It still kind of stuns me that we have interested readers at all, let alone transatlantic ones.

The upcoming Price is making his/her presence felt. It's possible to tell from the outside, though not as obviously or as often.

It's Friday. If I don't plan for Monday now, I'll have to do it after school and I'd rather have a short blog and a longer weekend.

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