Sunday, October 27, 2002

Heather: You know what this world needs? A good feminist-Catholic treatise on Mary. Seriously. I'd even sort of compromise and say Christian, so as to include Luther, Calvin, and Wesley's opinions on her, but I don't think the general Protestant population gives much thought to that lady in the stable. That's my impression, anyway.
That thought has been brewing for a while. A couple friends of mine inspired it. One of them, raised Lutheran, has said to me, "I don't really have any problem with Catholicism but I don't understand the big deal about Mary." Then in the next breath, she calls Catholicism too patriarchal. Um, did you just listen to yourself?
The highest ranking mere mortal in Christ's Church is His mother. Last time I checked, she was a woman. I'd say that shows a certain degree of respect for the feminine half of the human race.
While I was incubating this idea aloud at Dale, he pointed out you could also bring in the other women of the Bible, specifically Ruth, Esther, Rachel and Rebekah. I thought of Judith as well. Mary Magdalen, and Mary and Martha too. They could lay the foundation of the Christian aspect.
If I had a year that I could take off, and the kids were more self-sufficient, where I could do the research that would be required for a good insightful book, I would write it myself. But I don't have the Biblical knowledge and expertise necessary. It would probably help to know Latin, Greek, and Hebrew, too. I wouldn't want to use secondary sources
I do have some insight into the feminist movement, but not the full history that would be necessary to give the work justice. Susan B. Anthony would be one to start with, or even Mary Wollstonecraft. The original ideas and goals of feminism and how they are exemplified in the Virgin--I think the two dovetail quite nicely, if I do say so myself.
Anyway. If anyone is aware of such a book that already exists, please let me know. I'm between books right now and that would be wonderful to have on hand.

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