Wednesday, November 19, 2003

Once upon a time, Dale had to pick me up from work. He stopped along the way and got Madeleine, too. Since we were running quite late that day, we decided to let someone else cook. We needed a sippy cup for Madeleine, so we stopped at the baby equipment emporium en route to the chosen restaurant.
While we were at aforementioned emporium, Maddie fell in love with this little pull bear--parents, you know of what I write. One of those things you tie to the crib, you pull down, and as it retracts it plays some sort of lullaby. This one also says a prayer: Now I lay me down to sleep. Maddie could reach a yellow one, pulled it off the rack, and we could not wrest it from her grasp. It was tricky getting it scanned at the register, even.
She has since dubbed that toy Baby Bear.

Fast-forward to yesterday evening. She was rooting through her toy box for something else and she came upon Baby Bear. "Mama, open Baby Bear," she said, bringing it to me. She wanted me to pull it to hear the music. I complied. Mind you, this routine can go on interminably.
She then proceeded to sit in her rocking chair, holding Baby Bear in the crook of her arm, gazing at its sleeping face adoringly. "I feedin Baby Bear," she said. "I feedin him."
"Ssss, he's seepin," she whispered a minute later. She then stood up and lay the toy down with gentleness appropriate for a Ming vase... or a newborn baby. "He's aseep."

I wonder where she got that.

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